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Keep those kids safe while at home

Keeping a child safe is a parent’s number one concern and the task can sometimes seem enormous. Our ever changing society is constantly providing parents with new things to worry about which can be difficult and frustrating. But before your child even steps foot outside of the home; parents should realize the dangers that a home environment can produce. The outside world can be a scary place but in reality the dangers in the home can be just as serious according to …

Parents can reduce the risks of injuries in the home by conducting a simple assessment of the environment your child plays in. Getting down to their level and taking note of what dangers may be present is a great way to rid the home of things that can injure your child. Below are some tips and things that parents should take note of in order to keep their children safe when at home.

Tips and suggestions to keep your child safe while at home.

• Bath time can be a fun time for you and your child but hot water can really turn that great experience into something horrific. One great way to make sure your child doesn’t get burned while in the bath is to turn down the temperature of your hot water heater. This will reduce the risk of getting burned but remember to always monitor your child while in the water. Also, never leave the child alone even for a second while they are in the bath tub.

• Electrical shock is one of the most common causes of injury in the home, so making sure those outlets are covered will help eliminate the risk that your child will get injured. Children are curious and they don’t realize that those outlets contain dangerous electricity; it’s better to be safe and cover them up.

• Pets are great and having a dog or cat grow up with your child is a wonderful thing. But parents should never leave a child alone with any animal. Dogs and cats can be temperamental and dog bites are a very common injury in the home. So to keep your child safe, remember to monitor them while they play with the family pets.

• Household cleaning supplies can be deadly if ingested. All those colorful solutions can look like something to drink to children and sadly every year children die from ingesting household chemicals. A great way to keep your children safe is to keep those products out of reach all of the time. Another alternative to chemical cleaners is to clean with natural solutions like vinegar and baking soda. This will eliminate those harmful chemicals from the home altogether.

• Sometimes there are threats to the home environment that can’t be controlled. Fire and burglary are two things that sadly occur in many households around the country. To reduce both of these threats and keep you and your children safe, installing home security systems in the home will help achieve this goal. Break ins are a serious problem in some areas of the United States and no one wants it to happen to them. A huge deterrent to criminals is seeing a home alarm systems sign on the front lawn. Parents can also upgrade and choose to install a home security camera. This will help to keep an eye on your home and it can allow parents to see what their children are doing without being in the room. Fire protection is also a part of a home alarm system and with home security monitoring; your home will always have someone looking over it.

• Choking is another serious threat that parents face in the home. Items like coins, small toys and even food can cause your child to choke. A great way to reduce this kind of threat is to make sure those areas where your child can reach is free from any small objects. Also, make sure to check your child’s toys and read the label to make sure they are age appropriate. This will keep those small toys out of reach from younger children. Finally during lunch, dinner and breakfast always make sure your child’s food is a safe size; this will allow them to enjoy their meals while still being safe.